first introduce yourself: so what I did was the maid Canada

Maid Of Honor

My best friend happened to be getting married sometime back and being good friend for more than 10years I was left with no choice but to accept her invite to be the maid of honor, I was so happy to be given canada goose uk shop such a chance, since I have never been in such a position before so I didn’t except much.

What I didn’t canada goose outlet nyc know was that such position doesn’t come without some canada goose outlet in usa responsibilities as the speech, so I was there for my girl friend as we planned the wedding and was ready to stand by her and cheap canada goose canada goose outlet canada feeling so honored. The day eventually came and I performed the other duties that come with the role of maid of honor, after cutting the cake the best man canada goose outlet online uk opened the champagne and gave the speech, something that rarely happens in the Kenyan wedding, so the wedding was over and it was time for evening dinner.

After the dinner and just before the first dance I canada goose factory outlet was requested to give my speech, I was speechless, I haven’t planned for anything like this so here are my tips on the maid of honor speech simple and right to the point.

1. first introduce yourself: so what I did was the maid Canada Goose Online of honor here more beautiful than the bride wonder why the groom didn’t chose me just kidding, im the first born of the beautiful bride and I would love to congratulates the couple, and everyone who is there for being part of that wonderful day, as you know being the big sis I have done so much for the my sis like changing her diaper.

2. canada goose outlet reviews How long you have known the bride: I said I have known the last ten years since we were in high school and how we used to get stranded in town when we didn’t know the way to get the canada goose clearance sale buses back to our homes, how we used to hide bread in school desk, just to make those present to see her childhood since canada goose most of them have know her when she is old.

3. Thank the groom: so I told Mr. groom how lucky he was to get such gold canada goose outlet parka that I believe his friends are envious of her canada goose jacket outlet and for sure my friend is such a canada goose black friday sale beauty, so I told him if he ever let her go he should not blame me because I will take dowry from the next person who brings it, was just kidding.

4. Thank the bride: my speech to my cheap canada goose uk best friend forever was abit serious so I just told her I’m surrendering her to capable hands and someone who will love her forever and even if that is the case she should never forget that we will remain best friend forever.

5. Word of advice: the only advice I gave to my best friend was love, laugh and life your life as cheap canada goose if there is no tomorrow, because two people come together in name of love and they should never let that love die uk canada goose outlet because the two of them made a promise to love until death or is it divorce do them apart, wished them canada goose uk outlet to have many children and follow what canada goose outlet uk the bible says multiply and fill the world.

With that I finished my well guessed speech and thanked everyone and I could see people laugh and smile and the applause was incredible and we raised our glasses to canada goose outlet toronto factory salute the couple. So anytime you are faced with canada goose clearance a speech just think of what will make people smile and use humour,you can follow my tips and I assure you the speech will be great.

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